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Самая защищенная гражданская бронированная машина в мире!


Up-armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 of high explosion-proof design! Available at the dealer, Armor Group LLC

Catalogue of armored vehicles
Toyota Land Cruiser 200
Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Price from 8 800 000 RUB

Ample and powerful SUV with armored protection of interior, roof, fragmentation protection of the floor and bulletproof glass. No external signs of armoring.

Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry

Price from 2 800 000 RUB

Comfortable and luxury sedan with armored protection of the floor, roof, and passenger compartment. Tinting in accordance with GOST. Thanks to metal solid tires on wheel rims...

Lexus LX 570
Lexus LX 570

Price from 10 800 000 RUB

Respectable armored vehicle with a reinforced suspension. Armored protection of pillars, passenger compartment, roof, floor, under-hood space, doors, glasses. In terms of appearance, this model is no different from an ordinary model...

Mercedes-Benz GLS-class
Mercedes-Benz GLS-class

Price from 4 800 000 RUB

Up-scale SUV with armor protection of the entire passenger compartment, roof and floor. Bullet traps on all pillars. Reinforced original suspension and brake system...

Mercedes-Benz S-class
Mercedes-Benz S-class

Price from 6 800 000 RUB

Luxurious and comfortable sedan with armored fragmentation protection, reinforced original suspension and brake system. Fire extinguishing system...

Infiniti QX 80
Infiniti QX 80

Price from 4 800 000 RUB

Ample high-profile SUV. Its glasses are completely resistant to direct hits from firearms and high-explosive fragmenting action of projectiles. Armored car is equipped with...

Mercedes-Benz Vito
Mercedes-Benz Vito

Price from 4 800 000 RUB

Massive rock-solid minivan with armored anti-fragmentation protection along the entire passenger compartment. Tinting in accordance with GOST. No external signs of armoring.

I am happy to welcome you on the site of Armor Group plant! If you wish to buy an armored vehicle, this information will help you to make the right choice.
Our company is on the market of VIP armored vehicles since 2006. Main focus of Armor Group is building of Toyota, Lexus and Mercedes-based armored vehicles.
Numerous certificates and diplomas conferred to Armor Group plant are a proof that you will get a reliable and safe protection. Every day about 70 Russian and foreign experts work on creation of contemporary and comfortable armored
vehicles that meet Russian, European and American security standards.
We have official representative offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and many other cities of Russia. A wide sales and service network, as well as 1-year manufacturer’s warranty provided by us for all armored cars without a mileage limit will make purchase of reliable protection comfortable and safe.
I am grateful to you for the interest to Armor Group plant!

Yours faithfully,
General Director Gusarovsky O.N.


Armor Group is the leading manufacturer of the VIP class armored vehicles. Vehicles produced by our plant are demanded among businessmen, law enforcement agencies and public officials. Armored vehicles by Armor Group are delivered to all regions of Russia, CIS and countries outside the former Soviet Union at best prices since 2006.


Quality. Buying at Armor Group, you will get a dependable and safe armored vehicle, and it is proved by numerous certificates and diplomas of the company.

Service. Full range of works on routine and post-warranty service: from enhancement of the main vehicle systems to specific maintenance of armor elements.

Comfort. Wise layout of the passenger compartment allows use of vehicles produced by Armor Group for the needs of VIP customers accustomed to a high level of personal comfort.


All cars of Armor Group production line are provided with a warranty period of 1 year without mileage limitation.

Warranty obligations for complex maintenance of equipment (replacement of components, repairs) come into effect immediately after you get the car.

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Car production of Armor Group corresponds to Russian, European and American safety standards. Bulletproof protective glasses, heat-treated armored sheets are used in manufacture of armored vehicles by Armor Group. Our armored vehicles are subject to ballistic tests and shooting from real combat weapons.
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проспект Молодежный, 82 603041 Нижний Новгород, Россия
+7 (831) 298-62-03 [email protected]
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  3. Нет Одобрения Типа Транспортного Средства, позволяющего регистрировать бронеавтомобиль в органах ГИБДД и эксплуатировать его на дорогах общего пользования на законных основаниях.
  4. Компания -«псевдобронировщик с богатым опытом»-отсутствует в реестре производителей бронеавтомобилей Минпромторга!
  5. Реализация подобных автомобилей с 1 июля 2017 года станет невозможной, из-за введения электронных паспортов.