Armored Mercedes cars: our offer is more favorable!

Mercedes-Benz GLS-class
Mercedes-Benz GLS-class

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Up-scale SUV with armor protection of the entire passenger compartment, roof and floor. Bullet traps on all pillars. Reinforced original suspension and brake system...

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Mercedes-Benz S-class
Mercedes-Benz S-class

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Luxurious and comfortable sedan with armored fragmentation protection, reinforced original suspension and brake system. Fire extinguishing system...

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Mercedes-Benz Vito
Mercedes-Benz Vito

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Massive rock-solid minivan with armored anti-fragmentation protection along the entire passenger compartment. Tinting in accordance with GOST. No external signs of armoring.

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Armor Group offers a high level of protection from small arms and explosives. Armored Mercedes cars have a high class of bullet-proof shield guaranteeing their owners reliable protection against potential attacks.

What is installed on an armored Mercedes?

Having bought such a car, you get a reliably protected Mercedes-Benz equipped with a set of armored elements and other protective means at a reasonable price.

The vehicle is equipped with:

The factory system of passive safety is preserved on armored Mercedes. Also, the armored vehicle is equipped with brake discs with increased heat output, shoes with increased heat resistance and reinforced brake hoses.

Where to buy an armored Mercedes?

At Armor Group, the car will be equipped with a modern bullet-proof complex, while its outside appearance (including the factory paintwork) remains the same.

We offer armored Mercedes Benz cars compliant with the Russian and European classes of bulletproofness, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

At the end of the work cars undergo rigorous tests, the results of which will be documented. For all types of armor protection a long-term official guarantee is provided regardless of the mileage.

To buy a Mercedes car fully equipped with modern high-performance armored protection or to get professional advice and clarify the price free of charge, call the experts of Armor Group at 8 (800) 200 8 999. You can also contact our official representatives in Moscow, Petersburg and other cities of Russia. See contact details in the relevant section of the site.

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Armored cars from Armor Group. Reliable and favorable solution!

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