Toyota: armored vehicles from Armor Group

Toyota Land Cruiser 200
Toyota Land Cruiser 200

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Ample and powerful SUV with armored protection of interior, roof, fragmentation protection of the floor and bulletproof glass. No external signs of armoring.

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Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry

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Comfortable and luxury sedan with armored protection of the floor, roof, and passenger compartment. Tinting in accordance with GOST. Thanks to metal solid tires on wheel rims...

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Armor Group plant ensures reliable protection of a car from basic weapons and explosives. We design and build a vehicle with high-class armored protection on Toyota-base.

Such a car is necessary for people who can be targeted by intruders due to their specific activities. Usually such people are:

In Toyota that is fully equipped with modern and dependable armored protection, you can move around feeling completely safe.

What is a protective complex?

The whole passenger compartment and the roof are armored, while the floor is closed with an anti-fragment shield. Armor is installed on all pillars, as well as on the battery.

That said, armored Toyota retains the original exterior (including the factory paint) and the installed protection has no external signs.

The car is equipped with bulletproof glasses with internal anti-fragmentation coating. Stops and hinges of side doors are reinforced, wheel rims are equipped with special metal solid tires allowing movement even at pressure drop in tires.

You can get additional information about Toyota armored vehicles and order armored protection from Armor Group experts at 8 (800) 200 8 999. Our representative offices are located in many cities including Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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