Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

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  • Mileage No
  • Year of production 2018
  • Color Black
  • Engine type Gasoline
  • Engine capacity 3456 cm3
  • Power 249 hps
  • Transmission Automatic gearbox

Armored protection of Toyota Camry

  • Armored protection of the entire passenger compartment.
  • Anti-fragmentation screen protecting the floor.
  • Armored roof protection.

Bulletproof glasses with internal anti-fragmentation coating:

  • front drop-sided windows with reinforced opening mechanism;
  • rear solid (without vent window) non-drop glass blocks;
  • windshield with current heating;
  • tinted glass in accordance with GOST;
  • armored protection of rear window. Installing the camcorder in the fin on the roof with the screening to the rear-view mirror.
  • armor protection of all vehicle pillars with overlapping.
  • armor protection of the battery.
  • aerosol-type fire extinguishing system of the under-hood space.
  • reinforced side door strikers (for closed state).reinforced side door hinges (additional haunches to the standard doors).
  • metal solid tires on wheel rims, allowing to drive the car with loss of pressure in the tires.
  • wheels with load index for increased weight.
  • Brake rotors with increased heat output.
  • Brake pads of increased heat resistance.
Toyota Camry
  • Reinforced springs.
  • Reinforced shock absorbers.
Toyota Camry
  • Preservation of the factory paintwork.
  • No external signs of armoring.
Toyota Camry

You can get additional information about armored Toyota Camry from our representatives in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities by phones in the Contacts.

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